I like to know about the FSB of Intel i3m Processor
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  1. "Imagine the RAM of your computer as one city, and the CPU as another. Between them is a freeway: the Front Side Bus. When you’re making calculations, developing graphics—anything you and your software demands—the Front Side Bus transfers data quickly to meet that demand.

    Tip! Whatever system you choose, make sure the components work together. For example, if you’re building a media computer, having a 1333 MHz front side bus that can handle HD video is wonderful—but make sure the CPU is adequate for the challenge."
  2. I'd like to know about it as well, but as the i3 doesn't have an FSB I have found that quite difficult.
  3. Sorry about the link. Start here:
    click on the I3 then view performance specs.
    Quote came from the link above smart cache.
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