Need assistance with first PC build

Hello everyone, I'm new to building PCs and was wondering if you could give me some advice and suggestions on my first gaming PC build. I normally get PC advice and assistance from my friend but he is currently busy with finals. Since I'm too impatient to wait until he finishes, he told me to come here to seek help. I recently picked a 750W Corsair Power Supply on sale at the advice of my friend since I'm going to eventually crossfire a second 5750.


BUDGET: Currently unknown - preferably under $600
SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Games, PS, movies, music, surfing the net.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Speakers, Operating System, Power Supply, GPU

PARTS REQUIRED: Motherboard [crossfire], DDR3 RAM, AMD CPU, Case, Hard Drive.



OVERCLOCKING: No CROSSFIRE: Yes - in the future



My friend suggests:

Case - Antec Three Hundred

Hard Drive - Black Edition WD drive with 32 mb cache [no clue what this means]

Motherboard - Asus Evo with two PCI-E [1 @ x16 or dual @ x8] ?????

CPU/RAM - He told me to pick a $250 combo CPU/RAM kit from the link below. Not sure which is best suited for me.
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  1. Link doesn't work.

    Does the budget include GPU?
  2. with a $600 bugdet id go with amd because its what we call budget build

    case:cm centaurion 5
    psu:antecearth watss
    ram:4gb gskil
    hdd:samsung spinpoint f3 1tb
    mobo:giga 890fx
    gpu:hd 5750
    cpu:athlon 3core 440


    sorry i was over budget. its because of the mobo 890fx. and has a great crossfire capaiblities x16/x16
  3. banthracis said:
    Link doesn't work.
    Does the budget include GPU?

    Link works perfectly fine for me when I click on it... and it doesn't include GPU since I don't need a second card for xfire atm. Here's the link again, hopefully it will work this time.

    Xurwin, none of your links work.
    I'd go for 5770 minimum, not 5750 for that resolution.
    You only need a QUALITY 550w-600w for crossfire 5770. Not sure why your friend would recommend 750w for 5750's, that's waaaay overkill.

    I could try returning my 5750 and grab a 5770. As for the PSU, I got it on sale, it was only $100. So it was actually cheaper than a Corsair 650W, so why not? On a side note, Xurwin's links work fine for me, what's going on here with the links??? :(


    Tempting deal but I don't know...., I've had horrible experiences with rebates 3 times in a row. Maybe I'm just unlucky but I don't think I wanna bother with rebates anymore.

    Btw, the CPU/RAM kit my friend suggests is a "Phenom II X4 945 C3 and a 4GB DDR3 RAM kit" combo deal on newegg.
    "This is a great deal for $250" is what he said. What combo should I go with????
  4. if you don't return your 5750,

  5. or Tom's is directing all links to home page for some odd reason. Maybe only happening to US IP's?

    Anyway, manually copy pasted links and they work.

    G Skill RIpjaw DDR3 1600 7-8-7-24 $121

    Athlon II x3 440 $77

    OCZ 550 W $70 w/ $15 MIR

    Spinpoint F3 500gb $58.50

    Gigabyte UD3H 890 $150

    Total comes to $545 before tax and shipping.
    The $50 overhead should be enough for you to swap the 5750 for a 5770.

    That PSU and MOBO will handle xfire 5770's.

    OCZ RAM has been having a lot of issues lately so I wouldn't use em.
  6. Ultima, he's in Canada, can't use US prices or combos.
  7. The links only work for me if I right-click on them and hit open in new tab.
  8. Much thanks to everyone who helped me, I just picked up my antec three hundred and HD today.
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