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Urgently need some advice here... I bought some new parts (i7 930, GA-X58A-UD3R motherboard, 2 x 3 gb ddr3 ram 1333mhz, reusing my msi 8800 gts, 2 x hitachi 7200rpm hd... i connected all the wiring and tried to boot it up but nothing happens... when i first turn on the power supply, there's a annoying high pitch that seems to come from the motherboard. there a blue steady light, no other leds light up. my power supply's a 550W pack... from my old build. can anyone shed a light on why i cant boot my computer. there's absolutely no activity... i tested my power pack with my multi meter, works fine... its really frustrating...
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  1. more details...
  2. Double and then triple check the cabling, then try booting.

    Do you have a motherboard speaker?

    What brand is the PSU?
  3. honestly cant remember what brand the PSU is, its was from my previous bulild 3 years ago... I was running a core 2 quad with a p55 motherboard, details are kinda hazy... it work pretty well for the past 3 years, then one day, it would cut suddenly shut down, as in total power cut, reboot it then loads for a few seconds then shuts down again... so i checked the psu using a multi meter, seems fine...

    what other details do you need? the only new parts are the i7 930 chip, the UD3R motherboard and Gskill 6gb 1333mhz ram... the rest of my parts are from my previous build 3 years ago, the msi 8800gts 320mb card, psu, dvd burner, hitachi hds, thermatake case...

    only thing happening now is a super high pitch sound when i switch on the psu. pressing the on button doesnt do anything... no activity other then the high pitch noise, and its really faint as well...
  4. Could possibly be a short somewhere then, the high pitch would be from it being under a lot of strain. Not 100% on that though.

    From the previous problems though, it would seem that your PSU is screwed.
  5. Its an old psu, the problem is the psu. I've heard on this forum multiple times that people hear high pitch noise coming from their computer. Normally this comes from the psu, when one the pieces are running against each other, generally happens when the psu has overheated at one point. Tell me, is your psu fan still going when you boot?
  6. when i turn on the psu, i can hear a high pitch sound. a blue led lights up on the motherboard. when i press the on button, nothing happens, just the sound remains... its soft, but high pitched... i think the psu is rated around 500-550W, do u think its enough to power my configuration? or should i get something like 700-800W?

    any other reasons why it behaves like this?
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    No, psu's just get old and they die, it has nothing to do with power consumption. Then again going to a corsair 600w would insure that you were getting a rock solid psu with lots of room for improvement.
  8. thanks for the input... i'll scout around for some 600W psu tmr, getting really tired spent the last 3 hrs hunch over the computer trying to connect disconnect wires and parts...
  9. Yes your Power Supply Unit is in need of repairs. But its upon you to get a new one (better of course) or get this one repaired.
  10. just to update, after buying a corsair TX650 and swapping the PSU, after turning the PSU on, the motherboard did not make the high pitch beep...

    i took that as a good sign and fired up my pc. booted up with no issues what so ever. so what i learnt from this experience is that a PSU is not a PSU, there are s**t brands that gives you some over rated power rating, and good brands like Antec and Corsair that says 500W is 500W, not some over inflated figure.

    PSU also degrade over time, i had my old one for about 3.5 years, and it was on for at least 8 hours a day. also, it was some generic brand i never even heard b4. also, my UD3R has LEDs built in, so when there's power, the LED lights up. That's what i realised after replacing my PSU. That high pitch sound is most likely the MB telling me the PSU is overloaded and cant draw enough amps.

    Anyways, thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question.

    Upgraded build: i7 930, Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R, G.Skill 10666 triple channel 1333Mhz 6gb ram, MSI 8800 GTS, Corsair TX650 PSU, 2 x Hitachi Deskstar 7200rpm 320gb SATA, Samsung DVD burner combo, Thermatake Soparno case
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