Memory for asus sabertooth x58

Was wondering what memory to get for the asus sabertooth x58 motherboard. CPU will likely be an intel 2600k. Would like to get at least 12gb ram. Most posts I see are capping out at about 6gb. I know to use triple channel.

Do they make a kit totaling 12g , say like 3 x 4gb modules? I did look on g.skill site but did not see this motherboard as an option to choose from.

Any recommendations, especially for g.skill?

Thanks so much.

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  1. I running g-skills 6gigs that enough for me but yeah they have 12 gig triple channel. Also for your cpu you typed 2600k that will not tun on an x58 board you would need a p67 board. I am not sure if you are waiting on the sandy bridge fix or going with socket 1366. The sabertooth board is killer I love mine and with a 5 year warranty Sweet!
  2. You can't put an 1155 socket CPU like the 2600k in a 1366 socket MoBo like the X58 Sabertooth

    Asus X58 Sabetrtooth has 6 slots for triple channel RAM. Choices are 3 x 2G, 3 x 4GB for a 6 (3 x 2GB), 12 (6 x 2GB or 3 x 4GB) or 24 GB (6 x 4GB) configuration. You'll want a 9xx series Intel CPU such as the 950 or 960 fopr this MoBo

    Asus P67 Sabertooth TUF is currently on hiatus till the B3 stepping versions come out (expected 1 - 3 weeks). It has 4 RAM slots for 4 GB (2 x 2GB), 8 GB (4 x 2GB or 2 x 4GB) or 16 GB (4 x 4GB) options. This si the board that takes the 2500k / 2600k.
  3. To run in your X58 board whidh is a 1366 chipset you will need an I7 9xx processor like the 950. The 2600k is a 1155 chipset.
    They do make a sabertooth that is 1155 though but you will probably have to wait untill april to buy one as the 1155 chipsets were recalled due to a sata issue.
    The fix is already in production and retailers should see them around april if you can wait until then. The manufacturer should have an approved list of memory on their website.
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