Is my power supply output in the ok range ?

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I have just installed SpeedFan 4.39 on my pc. I have a SeaSonic PSU 600watt
(link to psu specs on newegg )

I have it running 2 hdds, 1 dvd, 2 8800gt sli, 6 gigs ram, and amd 940 x4 3.0 BE cpu.

Here is the current voltage read out with speed fan

Vcore1 .18v
Vcore2 2.18v
+3.3v 3.25v
+5V 6.85v
+12v 12.03v
-12V -9.97v
-5V -2.84v
+5v 3.66v
Vbat 3.12v

That 6.85v on a +5 volt line does not sound good to me nor does the second +5 volt line running at 3.66v what so ever, thats the reason why im posting today. Are my fears correct or is this normal ?
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  1. If those readings are directly from the motherboard bios, then you should be concerned. If they are from speedfan, then they may not be accurate. The seasonic may run your stuff fine. It's borderline.
  2. I'm inclined to agree with o1die. Which utility/software did you use to obtain those readings?

    Here is a direct quote from the SpeedFan FAQ page:

    "Hardware sensor chips are generic devices that can be used to measure voltages from anywhere. The measured voltage must be converted to the range required by the sensor chip. Standard monitoring chips specify which external circuitry must be used in order to measure voltages outside some range. Voltages like 12V, -5V, -12V and some others need this external circuitry. Some manufacturers chose not to follow datasheets. If this is your case, then you will read unusual values from SpeedFan. Since this custom circuitry is not known, SpeedFan does not try to "guess" it as any reading wouldn't be safe. If you get really odd voltage readings, simply enter configuration and uncheck the relevant ones."
  3. Its says, speedfan, I never use speedfan for voltage monitoring. Its almost always inaccurate.
  4. It's been commented here many times that third-party voltage monitors often are wrong because they don;t have intimate knowledge of the way the mobo sensors were "calibrated" (or miscalibrated as Speedfan might contend). But if your BIOS Setup screens have system monitor displays you probably can see voltages there, and likely fan speeds and component temperature, too. Those are MUCH more likely to be correct, so look for them.

    My own mobo from ASUS has such items in the BIOS. More to the point, the CD that came with it had many utilities, among them a Windows app that puts selected monitored items on the screen so you can watch them during normal operations. Do you have any such utility supplied by the mobo maker?
  5. Under bios it only says

    V-core 1.406v
    DDR2 1.8V
    +3.3V 3.296v
    +12V 11.985v

    My motherboard is this one ( link )
  6. My motherboard did come with an in-windows monitor program however I does not work with Vista 64bit and I do not see an update on gigabytes website.
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