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Hello, I am building a new computer and what to know how to erase all the information on my current HDD, so that when I put the HDD on my new build it will be like I bought it from the store. This storage device is a 1TB HDD which currently has Win 7 home Premium installed, when I make my new build I will be installing Win 7 pro. Will installing Win 7 pro just override win 7 Home premium? If it thelps i am reusing only the HDD and GPU.
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    You can just do a format when you load up the install of your new OS, use the disk utilities icon (can't remember exact name) when windows installer detects the hard drive, and tell it to do a full format.

    This should accomplish what you want. You don't actually NEED to erase the drive, as this will shorten the HDD's life span to physicall over write all sectors. Just a format on install is fine.
  2. You can also choose how it is partitioned during the install, if you have more than 1 partition.
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