Ps3 to monitor -- no picture :'(

I have the ps3 connected to the monitor via a hdmi>dvi cable. When I turn on the ps3 the monitor does react, the screen is lit up but there is no picture. Aparently my monitor needs to be hdcp compliant but I've yet to find any mention of this on the website I bought it from nor the manuals that came with it. I assumed the dvi-d input was sufficient. How can I sort this out?

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  1. Ouch to you, anyway since the connection is digital you should look on Hanns.G's site or call them to see if their monitor is HDCP compatible as HDCP is used to protect high def content like those from the PS3's blu-ray drive.
  2. I've since found out it isn't hdcp compliant. So i'll just cut my losses and part-exchange the monitor for a new one on saturday, needless to say that after having the thing for one week i'll sill lose around 40% of the price. damn technology but, live and learn eh...
  3. Lucky me, my SyncMaster from Samsung is from early 2006, yet compatible with HDCP. I'd say that most monitors should be HDCP compatible since it's been out for 4 years and the like.
  4. Yeh I'd say so too :sarcastic: I'm going to exchange it today, depending on the prices I might just get a hdmi monitor, or maybe a hdtv and set my computer up on that...but then I'll need to work out how to get audio.
  5. A TV can be used as a screen for a lot of things, but isn't meant to be viewed close up. You know that the HDMI cable carries audio too right?
  6. ok, I now have a new monitor and a hole in my pocket. I know that HDMI carries sound but I want to use my headphones so I'll rig them to the audio cables from the ps3 rather, or through the monitor depending on the quality. But even though I have a nice new HDMI monitor I still can't get the ps3 on! I think I might need to change the output settings of the ps3, but I obviously need a screen to do that on and the tv isn't hd...blahhh

    Why isn't technology at the stage where I plug in the bits, switch it on, and voila! it works... :sarcastic:
  7. Switch the output signal while plugged into the TV, then sitch to the monitor and see if that works.
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