I need some clarification on guitar recording

Hey Everyone,

Few questions. First off, let's start off by saying I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 with Windows 7 (64-bit) with 4GB of ram at 2.00 Ghz. I believe the sound card is a Sigmatel High Definition Audio card. I also have the Line 6 Toneport UX1 for a direct connection into my computer which is then relayed to the software Amplitube which is an amp modeling software.

Now, my question is...if I were to buy a better sound card and not use the toneport would the sound be more clear and crisp through amplitube. I would also assume a better sound card would help with latency but I don't seem to have any problems with that with my Toneport UX1.

I just want some feedback on whether I should invest in a better sound card or maybe keep the toneport ux1. I know there's alot to know about getting a soundcard with the DI box and making sure you have a good pre-amp setup (which I don't really know much about). Or, should I buy one of those M-Audio boxes that are similar to the toneport. My budget is around $200.

Thanks All,
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  1. 4 Gig of ram at 2.0 Ghz... hahahaha. Sorry had to get that out. You mean 2.0 ghz processor. If you had 2.0Ghz memory, you would be running a module that hasn't been developed yet. Which is not likely seeing how you are on a dell.
    Anyways back your question. Yes it would sound clearer, but not by much.
  2. I'm glad you find amusement out of a typing error. Obviously I was talking about the speed of my processor but thanks anyways
  3. ^dude don't take it so seriously, I answered your question, and I got a laugh out of it. Yes a new sound card would make it sound better overall, is it worth the money if I were you no. But I'm not you so its up to you to decide.
  4. depends what you're listening back to the audio on. Decent headphones? Monitor speakers? Hifi speakers? PC speakers? guitar amp?
  5. @computerrock, it's all good now. I was just a little hostile because that was my first post and just wanted a decent answer. No worries.

    But anyways, I was thinking about investing in some monitor speakers eventually down the line. Right now I have my toneport hooked up to my computer and then I just have a pair of Apple headphones that are connecting to the 1/4" headphone jack.

    What I'm looking for really, is something that could possible give me better sound quality when I'm playing directly into the computer and the sound being transmitted to either my new monitors or headphones. Any possible suggestions.
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