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My usb has stopped working. This morning is was wroking fine but this afternoon it didnt work. First id like to say that the usb had a flaw in it. Its a Lexar 16gb JumpDrive(LJDS70-16G-000-109 J). The flaw is that the usb doesnt connect properly in the first place, when i first got it it was fine, it worked right away, but after time id say like 3 weeks, the pins wont come to conntact. So i had to move the usb up and down until it got connected. I knew it was connected becacuse the light flashed. After a longer time it took more and more nudges for the usb to work and today the usb reads but doesnt show up on my computer. In device manager i uninstalled it and it still dident work. O
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  1. sry but on disk managment it shows up but no media. I have important files there and i rly need this usb back up
  2. Anyone???
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