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Anyone have any recommendations for a good socket 775 motherboard? I have my old XPS 410 that I'm thinking of harvesting some of the components from and using it as a secondary system in the other room. Its a cCore 2 Duo E6600 2.4Ghz processor. I''d primarily be getting a new board, new case and new psu and re-using everything else. It doesn't have to be beefy.
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  1. new board = ~ $70 - $120 ... for a decent board

    New PSU = ~ $40-$50

    New Case = ~ $40 - $100

    With the newer board, you *may* need newer RAM = ~$50-$100

    Just taking the minimums into account, you're looking at around $150

    "Harvesting" components does have it's uses, but to best answer what you really want to do, I would recommend filling this out... ...

    Along with that, put the specs of the components you're thining of "harvesting"

    You may be better off just starting fresh (usually this is the case) for not a whole lot more investment...

    for $300 you can have a complete system with some of the latest, it won't play the latest games, but if you threw in a decent graphics card, you would be at about $450
  2. Why can't you just use it as a secondary itself?
  3. A good question. I've been having some heat related issues in the case lately. It always ran a bit hot. I'd have swapped the parts over to a new case previously but the XPS 410 has a BTX motherboard so that wouldn't really work.
  4. If that's all, what I'd do is mod some places for some extra case fans. Possibly try better cable management or something, but really they should be pretty good about that themselves. Because you'd end up spending too much money to get the same old system. Especially if it otherwise runs just fine.
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