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I want to get a SDD and if I had the extra cash I would get the Intel X-25 mainstream 80gb,
I just dont have 200 for one.
So I am looking for one thats about 100$, on the egg I found a Corsair SDD 32gb.

My second pick is the lower Intel:

So if anyone knows of a good sdd for a good price let me know. I am working on trying to get the Intel 80 but I need a backup plan on one of the others just in case I can't afford it.
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  1. My recommendation would be the OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD2-2VTX50G 2.5" 50GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) - $174.00 ($154.00 after MIR)
  2. wowza, i checked out legit reviews and it kick some major ass. 150 is a great price cause 200 was pushing it 230 was overboard. Its about perfect for what I am looking for esp. the price/performance.

    The cheaper ones are good for price but I don't want something thats so cheap it sucks.
  3. Ive just bought 2 ocz vertex 30gb and put them in RAID0 they cost £160 total ($220 ish) but I would defenatley reccoment them becasuse the read speed is about 30mb/s more than most other 30GB SSD's in the 30GB price range
  4. Thats funny cause I was just looking at that cause I wanted to see if they had a lower gb vertex.
    It isn't a vertex 2, but it is a vertex none the less. I rather get the cheaper of the two, which will
    allow me to spend more where its needed.
    Plus i found that the vertex 30gb can be bought in a pack with windows 7 64bit, so I would get addtional money off.
    With it and my WD Caviar Black 1tb 6gb/s, and 4gbs of Crucial Balliztix Tracers(blue), I should be in
    pretty good shape!!!
  5. Look to hit Vertex2, Agility2 or Vertex LE i.e Sandforce based SSDs
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