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Currently in the middle of a build for a friend and im really unsure of what he wants/needs for his GPU.
i7 930
Gigabyte UD3R (dual 16x PCI Crossfire)
6gb DDR3 1600

His monitor is 1080p, he currently has 2 of these and may possibly run eyefinity in the future

Choices for cards:
ATI Radeon Vapor-X HD5870 1GB DDR5 $404.00
ATI Radeon HD5770 Vapor-X 1GB DDR5 x2 $165.63 Each (331.26)
ATI Radeon Toxic HD5850 1GB DDR5 $312.90
ATI Radeon HD5970 2GB DDR5 $629.99

Games played: Counter-strike Sorce, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Bad Company 2, COD: Black Ops, All the new stuff to come

Hes asking that the games look as good as they possibly can.

What is the best dollar to value card(s)? will these look just as good as the others?

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  1. If that price for the 5970 is correct, then that one easily.

    If you actually mean $699 then best value would be 2 stock 5850's OC'd. That's about the cheapest that'll actually run that resolution well. It'll win a FPS/$ comparison (but cheap cards will always win, since $/FPS goes up practically exponentially)

    1080p gaming with 2 monitors will require more than 2 5770's, so that's out.

    2 5850's can do it if you OC. $580

    1 5970 should be able to handle it. $700

    2 5870's will give you better performance. $800

    Overall, factory overclocked cards aren't worth it, since you can do the same with a few clicks in ATI overdrive.
  2. yeah haha 629 is the price and i can get as many as i want - oh the beauty of working in the industry.
    2 5870s are the best you say?
  3. hes not sure how he feels about spending 629.00
    if it was between the 5850 and 5870 with the possibility of crossfire in the future, what would u go with?
  4. I would go with the HD5870. The HD5850 will struggle to max games at his resolution, the HD5870 will do a much better job. And then down the road he can add a second and have great performance.
  5. will the 5870 run anything at max res? his reason for building this computer is to see every game as good as it can be seen, if it doesnt he will go for the 5970.

    this machine is going to replace his consoles untill something that can match a computer is out.
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    I think the only games you won't be able to max and get "as good as it can be seen performance" are Crysis and Metro 2033. Those will struggle a little with the AA and AF turned up. If you want the best possible graphics performance (which sounds like what he wants), in a single card solution, go with the 5970. Beating that is HD5870 xfire, but now we're talking 800...
  7. so the question to him is 630 now or 400 now and 400 later. alright thanks for the help.

    last question - do u know anyone who regrets getting the 5970
  8. I don't personally know anyone with one, but it is the fastest single card out there right now, so theres really not much to regret because you can't go up...heh.
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  10. Also, with the 5970: It is two 5870 chips on a single board downclocked to 5850 speeds. The heatsink is a 400 watt capacity one (someone correct me if I'm wrong), so it's got plenty of overclocking headroom. If you overclock your 5970 cores, you should be able to get the performance of two 5870s.
  11. ^Yea, the ATI Overdrive makes that simple, but be warned heat becomes a big issue, you are going to need a well ventilated case for an OC'ed HD5970.
  12. we are putting it all in a silverstone ft02b-w, he fell in love with mine
  13. Dollars per frame (DX11 , 1920 x 1200, hi settings, 9 game average) costs

    ATI 5970 11.51
    nVidi 480 10.01
    nVidia 470 9.08
    ATI 5870 10.59
    ATI 5850 8.60

    Here's another comparison of the higher cost board solutions under $700 ... twin 5850's look the most attractive here price wise as far as min. frame rates .... although the 470 looks better at avg frame rates. Metro 2033 is the only "spoiler" in the bunch putting enough load on the 5850's and 5970 under the 30 fps minimum....with a bit of OC tho, the twin 5850's will climb that methinks.

    Card (Avg/Min)

    1920 x 1200 res, highest settings tested

    BFBC2 (DX11)
    470 SLI (76/57)
    5970 (77/54)
    5850 Xfire (85/61)

    Dirt2 (DX11)
    470 SLI (128/116)
    5970 (93/83)
    5850 Xfire (11/97)

    Dragon Age Origins (DX9)
    470 SLI (102/65)
    5970 (102/55)
    5850 XFire (95/49)

    Far Cry 2 (DX9)
    470 SLI (131/86)
    5970 (119/76)
    5850 XFire (121/79)

    Far Cry 2 (DX10)
    470 SLI (139/86)
    5970 (111/76)
    5850 XFire (123/84)

    Metro 2033 (DX11)
    470 SLI (44/35)
    5970 (37/26)
    5850 XFire (40/28)

    Heaven (DX11)
    470 SLI (55/33)
    5970 (40/18)
    5850 Xfire (42/20)


    470 SLI (675/478) wins by 9% / 19% over twin 5850's ..... 17% / 23 % over 5970
    5850 XFire (617/418) wins by 7 % / 8% over 5970
    5970 (579/388)
  14. jack, even with the 5970 being 629.99 u would go with dual 5850s?
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