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Hey guys, I currently have a MSI NF980 G65 AM3 nForce 980a SLI HDMI AMD Motherboard and no video card. I am saving up for the GTX 480 or dual GTX 470's right now and so I am forced to use onboard video. I am currently going to school for computer aided drafting and design and use video hogs such as Autocad, Revit, and 3dStudio Max. I was wondering if there are any tweaks to get the most out of my onboard video. I have already went in my BIOS settings and gave it the most borrowed RAM I could, 512MB. This didn't help too much but I did notice a slight difference. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hey Bosey. As I mentioned in your other thread, that board has an nVidia 8200 IGP. It's a very basic GPU with very limited ability. I'm unaware of any tweaks that would allow such a weak GPU to do anything more than the basic display with limited 3D acceleration in applications it does now.

    The only way to get the performance you need/want is to use a discrete card, such as those you mentioned. You could pick up something else to use in the meantime, but that's not the main goal, which is to save for what you want... But, considering the current price-premium of those cards, you might be waiting a while to get them, which may make the option of a temporary fill-in appealing.
  2. Sorry but not too much you can do. Since it's using your system RAM, you can try tweaking the RAM settings to lower the latencies and that should help some.
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