I need help getting the system wired to the board correctly.

MOBO: ASUS M4A89GTD PRO integrated 4290 Radeon

CASE: Rosewill Challenger - with 3 fans

CPU: AMD Phenom ll x4 965 Black Edition

PSU: OCZ 600W Modular

GPU: XFX Radeon 5450

RAM: G Skill 1333 - 8GB

HHD: WD 630GB Black

DVD: Lite-on 24x dvd burner with lightscribe

If you have any experience with this mobo I would appreciate your input.
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  1. Can't post a link to the faqs for builds. I recommend you do a bare post on a non conductive surface, such as the board box. You can keep the power supply out of the case so the leads reach the board easier. Open the board manual; line up the cpu with the notch on one of the corners to the socket in the correct position. Your amd heatsink should have a thermal pad. No need for thermal grease. Then line up the cpu heatsink so the connector reaches the fan port and the lock down lever is positioned correctly. Install one ram stick in slot one. Connect the 12v 8 pin lead from the power supply with the power supply unplugged. Connect the 24 pin atx lead from the power supply. Plug in the keyboard and video port to the monitor. Plug in the power supply; if you smell any burning, unplug immediately and check the connections again. Then touch the 2 power switch pins on the board with a plain flathead screwdriver and see if the system fires up. If you get a post screen, it will tell you which key to press to enter the bios. Set the boot order to cd(dvd)>hardrive, save and exit. Then you can unplug the ps leads and finish your build. Next step is to install the other ram sticks and press on the backplate in the case. Then the case standoffs have to be checked and extra ones that don't line up with the board holes removed. Then while mounting the board, be sure no case wires end up under the board. These steps will get you started. Good luck.
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