Windows 7 Professional file size/HDD space question

So I have a 64gb M4 ssd as my boot drive and while space isn't a huge issue since I have a 1tb auxiliary drive I would still like to know one thing.

Why is it that Windows 7 (with service pack 1 64 bit) takes up ~50 gigabytes on my SSD? And more importantly, I click on the C: drive (which is 59.5 GB large) and look at each file and only 25 GB's are accounted for? Where are the other 25 gigs?

So to make that more clear:

My SSD is ~60 gigs post format. I only have ~10 gigs of free space with only some extremely small programs loaded on my SSD (MS office). Am I missing something or is Win 7 supposed to be this big?

And why is it that my whole hard drive shows at 50 gigs full but only ~25 gigs show up when I look at the file size of each folder? (And no, there is only 1 partition, C:).

Not a big deal but I am curious and would like to know. Thanks.
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  1. because some of the missing gb are hidden files

    you can get space back by

    1-- Open a command prompt with administrative privileges.

    Enter “powercfg.exe -h off”

    Exit the command prompt.

    this deletes the hyberfil.sys but doesnt stop you using sleep

    2. lower your page file size to 512mb if you have 4gb of ram or more

    3. reduce the size of system restore or disable it

    the amount you save is dependent on the amount of ram you have--i saved about 30gb with these fixes
  2. What does the page file size do, i.e. what is the advantage of having that high or low?

    (I have 16gb of ram)
  3. rcfant89 said:
    What does the page file size do, i.e. what is the advantage of having that high or low?

    (I have 16gb of ram)

    Reduce the size of the page to 4GB(it is used by system and windows will make one page file of the size of the RAM, so 16 in your case)
    Read on the page file here...

    Use this guide to optimize your SSD to get the most out of it!

    Make a back up and turn off the system restore or minimize the size to 1GB, but on the SSD is off for most users.

    Move the Documents folder to another drive, so u have it for the system and installed programs only. This is how

    and more.../
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