How to change vista 7 bootloader into xp bootloader

Hi everyone, I had windows xp at first, after some time installed windows 7, and quite lately installed windows 8, then removed win 7&8 but the prob is that now when I run windows xp, it restarts the settings and everything, just like when you clean install xp, it configures everything and removes most of the files that I had installed and it changes the desktop and everything. PLEASE HELP ME! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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  1. I'm confused!!!!!!! :??:

    U could boot from all of them? Removed win 7 and 8, but after that xp didn't start normaly?
    How did U removed win 7 and 8? Did U had them on separate partitions, and formated the win 7 and win 8 partitions? Or U had them installed on same partition which resulted in some sort of chaos? Or maybe have remaining files of previous installs?

    If U can open your windows but loads default xp settings and desktop:
    Try a system restore for your xp (start>msconfig>launch system restore)

    Or more probably, maybe it couldn't load your user (maybe a corupted profile, which explains your xp default settings and desktop) and created a temp. Just in case, check the C:\Documents and settings\Your_user_name\Desktop to see if your files are still there. If so, make a new user and copy your old Desktop and My documents folder. (also, see if U have a temp folder in Documents and settings)

    Still confused... If it DOES go into xp, then why do U want to edit the boot.ini ?
    U usually mess with it if U CAN'T get into windows.
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