5870 and dual monitores flicker when overclocked/downclocked

Edit ( wouldn't let me edit original post )

Downclocked meaning when I manual downclock, not the auto downclock it does on its own ( which is 400/1200 for this card )
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  1. As title says, whether I use CCC or my Asus SmartDoctor, when changing the GPU or memory manually my non-primary monitor flickers, either when I drag something on it ( ie. move the CCC or SmartDoctor ). When I change even 1 Mhz it does this. Is this a driver problem? If it is 1Mhz I'm guessing it's not the hardware. I didn't see this in the patchnotes anywhere unless I missed it.

    Any fixes to this?

    I finnaly got my Corsair HX1000W in the mail and everything is working like a dream, now I'm concentraiting on OC'ing everything.

    Thanks in advance

    Q9650 @ 4.06 Auto volts (1.21 in CPU-Z)
    Asus Rampage Formula
    8gigs ( 4x4 ) 5-5-5-15 G.Skill DDR2 1066 @ 1081 5-5-5-12
    Corsair HX1000W PSU
    1x Seagate 500G HDD
    1x Seagate 250G HDD
    Asus EAH5870 Version 2
    Antec 1200 (10x 120mm Antec 3-speed ) 1x 200mm
  2. Ok I think i found the culprit.

    Asus SmartDoctor. When I close it out, I don't get the flicker while overclocked/underclocked. So sending info to Asus, see what they can do about it. ( no voltage increase for now)
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