Monitor stuck at 640x480/4 colors after driver update

I've got a Lenovo T520, core i5 processor with integrated Intel 3000 HD video. Had to roll it back from Windows 7 to XP for work compatibility issues.

After installing XP, the monitor worked, and could be adjusted up to 1024x768. Problem is, I need the full 1600x900 of this display. So, I installed the Intel core drivers, the audio drivers, and the video driver. Also installed the monitor driver from the Lenovo website.

Once I did this, the resolution stayed the same. Then when I restarted, the resolution went to 640 x 480, and 4 colors! The only way to get it back was to disable the display, limiting me to 1024 x 768 again.

Tried MSCONFIG to selectively load executables, with no change.

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  1. You need to use the drivers from Lenovo, from the way you worded your post, you got the drivers from Intel. Laptop hardware often does not work right on generic drivers from the chip maker.
  2. Sorry about the wording. I forgot to mention my first step was to use the Lenovo driver. That was when the problem first occurred. On the Intel driver site, they suggested applying drivers in a certain order, with the chipset first, so I did that, with no joy. Lastly, applied the Lenovo driver again, no change.

    Disabling the Intel video, though, restores the ability to change the resolution, but only up to a max of 1024x768.
  3. Sounds like the driver setup got messed up, I installed XP on tons of Lenovo systems, as long as there are drivers for it from Lenovo, it worked perfectly.

    You can try a new XP setup, then load the drivers again clean. Do a BIOS update, then run the chipset drivers, then the rest.
  4. Will do. I had already, of course, reloaded XP and the drivers several times, and tried the chipset first, but hadn't done the BIOS update. In the meantime, I dug up an old laptop and loaded it up, so the near term crisis was averted. As long as the screen doesn't fall off of the old laptop... (old Lenovo Y510 with failing case at the hinge)
  5. Still no luck. Ended up giving up on this computer altogether and using the older laptop (Lenovo Y510) to try to limp through using the one application that needs XP (and for some reason, it won't run properly on a VM version of XP either).
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