New Ati graphic card?

I found this on Asus website :O. Fake or not? Maybe Ati 5890?
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  1. This is so in the wrong place but....

    Seems like it could be legit. Everything matches. Larger die size, more SPUs, more transistors and faster everything.

    Thats a GPU Z HD5870.

    I wouldn't be suprised if ATI had this awaiting Fermi. If they add this much extra memory speed, core speed and SPUs it might just push the single GPU over Fermi to remain the top performer.

    But that would also mean higher prices from ATI too.
  2. A link to where you found it would be nice.
  3. Well I don't have the power to move this to the graphics section where it belongs, and where it would be instantly ripped on it's errors, so I'll comment on it here in brief.

    It's a photochop job, of the standard quality we've become used to, but Jimmy it doesn't add up, the transistors don't matter, and the more SPUs and faster are all the surface jobs of people who don't understand the design. The ratios are borked, and the pixel fill rate doesn't match the speed/SPUs, unless they change the architecture, so everything doesn't match up. :heink:

    Just the back-end errors are enough to just write it off. :pfff:
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  5. Thanks MM. :hello:

    Was pointed here by someone else who saw it and asked if it looked real. :pfff:
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