Dell 530 G33M02 RAM install question

hi all,

sorry if the sub cat is wrong, typing on my phone since system is disassembled and it says I have to pick one but only gives me the a through e choices...

system came with paired 1gb pc2-6400 sticks in dimms 1&3. I've purchased a 1gb pc2-6400 stick id like to add. will I get better performance placing it in dimm 2 or moving the pair to dimms 1&2 and putting the new one in dimm 3??
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  1. You can't predict with oem boards; they have few bios adjustments. Your ram may or may not work. In general, going from 2 gb to 3 yields little performance increase. If you have any documention with ram slot recommendations, find it. Regular boards give you which slots to use in the owner's manual. If it doesn't post, you may need to purchase another 1 gb stick to get all four slots populated, and even then, it may not work. Crucial's website has some "configurator" software where you can enter your dell model number for ram upgrades. They may be cheaper than ordering it from dell. The dells I've seen with 3 gb of ram have 2 1gb sticks and 2 512 meg sticks for a total of 3. Windows 32 only recognizes about 3 gb, but I use 4 anyway.
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