How to make my printer wireless using bluetooth

I am trying to figure out how to make my Samsung Laser Printer wireless. I have one at the office and one at home and I have two laptops so it is a pain (I know, real difficult) moving the cord in and out of each in order to print.

I have tried to look into a wireless network, but can't determine if I need a stationary computer running all the time, which I wouldn't want to do.

I have tried looking into bluetooth, but I have heard, though can't confirm, that the bluetooth will not work on my printer.

Any suggestions? Oh, and I am cheap, so I only have about $40 to $50 to throw at making both home and the office wireless.

Thank you for any help you may have.
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  1. What is the model number of your Samsung printer? It's possible that it's got built in wireless or bluetooth but probably unlikely. You can buy a device called a print server for between $20-$150 that will allow a regular printer to become wireless.

    Here's a quick search from tiger direct:
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