CPU or memory problem

Hello :hello:

my computer starts to act ugly on me... the other day it just shut down itself, tried to turn it back on but still was turning itself off right after i turned the power button on. I've waited until today turned it back on and got this message right at the bios start screen: Warning! Now system is in safe mode. Please reset CPU or Memory frequency in the CMOS setup.

Anyone has any ideas?

My computer Specs:

Intel Core 2 Quad 6700 2.66 GHZ
MOBO: Nforce 790i ultra
xfx gtx 280
OCZ 1000 watt
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  1. Try resetting the CMOS:
    -turn off the computer
    -unplug it
    -open case
    -find a "watch battery" on the motherboard
    -remove it
    -wait like 10 seconds in case there are any capacitors
    -put it back in
    -close your case
    -plug computer back in
    -try booting up.
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