Boot failure with 1Tb drive connected

Hello, I am trying to add a WD 1Tb SATA drive to my system which has IDE master /slave set up but boot up hangs at the point where the SATA drive is recognised, If I add the 1Tb drive after boot up it is seen ok and can be used , I have tried a 40Gb SATA and all is fine
the motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2
is there a limit to drive size on this
your help would be very much appreciated

Bill Hewitt
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  1. you need to check the boot priority in the bios.
  2. nhasian is correct. It will be under Standard CMOS Features in the BIOS. To enter the BIOS just hit the Del key after you restart the computer.
  3. The boot order is, drive A, CD, HDD, I've tried with the hard drive as the first boot device but if the 1Tb SATA drive is connected the boot up still hangs at the point
    where this SATA drive is recognised.
    This problem doesn't arise with a smaller SATA drive connected
  4. Try installing the drive's OPT1 jumper. This restricts the SATA interface speed to either 1.5Gbps or 3Gbps depending on your model and firmware.
  5. Adding the jumper doesn't make any difference.
    It was suggested that I flashed the BIOS but this is new territory to me
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