GTX 480 3 billion transistors Worth it!

I was wondering if GTX 480's 3 Billion transistors have any advantage? From all the reviews I have seen it beats HD 5870 only nearly to 10-15%, then whats the use of 3 billions. Will the future driver optimizations be effective? I have seen that drivers improve only 5%.

Right now I can't choose between GTX 480 and HD 5970, The reason is Microstuttering issue in HD 5970 and Temperatures in GTX 480. I will not upgrade my graphic card for next three years. So please advise me.
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  1. 5870 is better than GTX480 in every other way except pure performance
  2. If you don't care about the price premium of the 5970 then the 5970. you'll get micro stutter from any sli crossfire set up. Micro stutter is only really noticeable at lower frame rates which will truly be a rare occurrence with the 5970.

    The gtx has quite a bit more on transistor count one because, of it's bigger cache, and I believe because of it's more robust cores. Since they support a number of programming languages, plus physx and cuda technologies. But performance wise the radeons have better transistor to frame rate if that's what your getting at
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