Cutting the cables

Hi, Is it ok to cut the useless cables on my power supply, for e.g cutting the other 6sata cables i have that i dont use...
will it harm my power supply or any components in my comp?
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  1. i dont think that is a good idea, jus tuck them away somewhere in your case
  2. It won't harm anything, but really, you should probably fold the cables back on the main cable and twist tie, or tape them out of the way.
    You never know what upgrades, or future re-sale value you're losing if you do something permanent like cutting them off.
  3. Why would you wont to cut them off?

    Just use twist-ties and make it look neat. You never know when you might need one of the SATA connectors. Almost all new drives appearing on the market use SATA.
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