My PC is acting weird - SSD breaking down?

So, I think my SSD in my four-month old PC is starting to break down. I was hoping someone could support my hypothesis and maybe offer some advice as to how to act on it.

It all started maybe a month ago when, upon starting up the PC, I got an error message saying: "Disk read error - Press Ctrl + Alt + Del." I hoped it was nothing but unfortunately it wasn't. This happened maybe twice or thrice before last Friday - the day when *** really started hitting the fan.

So, last Friday I got a new error message that told me that the PC had shut down unsuccessfully during the last time I tuned it off. Probably, due to a USB memory device that had been unplugged during the shutdown. This, however, was not the case as I hadn't unplugged anything of the sort at that time.

Yesterday, I started up my PC again and got both of the above-mentioned errors. I tried using the start-up repair tool but to no avail. When I got to the start-up screen after typing my password, the computer froze completely except for the mouse. I let him (yes, the PC) try and recover from this but it didn't help. I re-started the machine, started to back-up my most important files on that SSD and ran a whole PC scan for possible viruses. There shouldn't be one. I'm pretty careful with my PC and my anti-virus software is up-to-date. I can't be sure of course since the PC freezes before it can finish the scan, however.

The PC would freeze again at a random time and I would be forced to restart it. By this time, I would be getting a sequence of those two errors upon start-up but eventually I would always be able to start it up. Then a new symptom appeared. I wasn't able to run any program on my SSD but would get an error instead. This happened only during one up-time so I can't be sure but I think that all the programs on my HDD ran properly. All sounds also included some minor but irritating chatter and sputter even though I have a very good sound card. Maybe because the drivers of that sound card are installed on the SSD.

I ran the repair tool on my Win7 in hope of a brighter future but it only rarefied the cases of freezing - or then it was all just a coincidence.
So, here I am asking for guidance. Is my SSD done for or could this been caused by something entirely differrent?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Copy your post and post a duplicate in the Storage section of the forum.
  2. Quote:
    Copy your post and post a duplicate in the Storage section of the forum.

    Thanks for the tip!
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  4. Have you tried running windows repair?
  5. DarkOutlaw said:
    Have you tried running windows repair?

    Yes, it didn't do much or anything for that matter.
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