Rage3D Article on Fusion APU and Brain! Interesting Read!


It mention's "How Missing a Region of your Brain" can lead to certain cognitive functions disabled or not functioning with a metaphor with Cpu/Gpu no pun intended I guess! Right Side is EMOTIONS with Passion for your Art & Creativity! The Left Side is REASON Logical Right/Wrong Functions & Morale Beliefs! The Right Hemisphere controls CPU Logical Functions that are able to SLI with GPU functions; The CPU Being the Central Station of Logical Functions/The GPU your Eyes or Logical Creativity! Kinda of reminds me of a Cyborg like from the Surrogates Trailer-Blade Runners Etc.

This Brain Region Kinda of Describes in my Opinion an opposite pyschology Righty, Verse a natural born lefty born with an articulate personality! Lefties from what I Have read are more creative and dreamers, while Righties are more logical and reasonable prudent ! If the Righties side is emotions and the Left Side is Logic and the ride side is Fun it poses a unique personality!

From What it says if your missing one side of your brain like for instance sawed in half or damaged, your gpu is weak in calculations because one side is overworked forcing one side of the brain to operate as CPU'S do in terms of software rendering vs. hardware rendering based! My Q's from this arguement are:

A) If a person is born a natural lefty does he develop a VPU regardless if Mascualine or Feminine

B) If the brain is able to adapt and becomes more intelligent than having two regions, why not add a cyborg hemisphere, kinda of reminds me of Borg!

C) What language does the person speak, because as a fluent speaker of Greek-English-Spanish(Used too forgot
vocab) this is very complex for me to Break-Down and Debrief! But as a natural personality trait for Cyborgs-Machine technology games it seems easy for me to break down! The Way the language is expressed is complex and not classified with jargon or proffessional terminology, kinda of like free associative metaphors!

D) If a brain is able to reroute itself what is the difference in having a right region or left region with reversed cognitive fucntions!

E) With all this opposite Pyschology Would you sell this to Boris Karlov-Dracula-Romanowski's? Too much european terminology is what I debriefed from this description that is overcomplex for me, I prefer stats & charts

F) Is the Fusion of AMD & ATI bringing calcualtions to high that Alienware or the Borg are ready to buy this Chip?

G) Too much gaming over the years catches up with you eventually!

Which response does everyone get from this arguement? The Birth of Technology 2010 & UP!
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  1. Another thing Just dawned on me I wouldn't be surprised if Uncle Fester from the Adams Family would be interested in this Chip, due to him gaming in Uncle Fester's revenge for NES!
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