5830 is improperly running PCI-E v1.1, no longer displays GPU usage

Got delivered yesterday, took out my 8800GT, removed drivers, installed, updated drivers...So I'm playing around with it, download MSI Afterburner so I could watch temps/usage and it worked fine. After I went into BIOS and overclocked my CPU, it stopped displaying GPU Usage...Not saying that's what caused it, but that's when I noticed it had stopped displaying.

Trying to fix it, I check everything else....And notice GPU-z is displaying it as running in PCI-E 1.1, even though the board is obviously 2.0. And this might be my imagination but I feel like the games aren't running as good as they did before this "problem

At first I was using the 10.2 drivers because the 5830 had it's own category, then I tried the general 5800 series 10.3 and apparently 10.4 just came out so I tried those.

Even updated my BIOS but that didn't fix it.

C2D E6750 @ factory clocks
Gigabyte P45 + ICH10

I'm about to plug in my old 8800GT and see if maybe my new card isn't getting enough juice. After these problems I made sure it was seated in the slot and the two power pins plugged in...More than happy to share any more info or take pictures, please help.

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  1. I somehow got my GPU usage back in MSI Afterburner, might have been Cat 10.4
  2. GPU usage disappeared again, so I underclocked it then back to stock and that works...So I figured that out

    any ideas about it running PCI-E 1.0
  3. The PCIE standard is down to the motherboard. The card is 2.0 capable but i would think that your board is only 1.1 capable. this isn't an issue and you wont loose any performance at all.
    I would have said the drivers were to blame for the other issue as others have reported buggy behaviour with them as well.

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