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I recently made a thread on the best graphics card for my PSU:

In the thread, I was recommended the Asus EAH5770 Radeon HD 5770 CuCore 1GB GDDR5, which can be viewed here:

So, I purchased this card today. However, when I read the recommended system requirements at the back of the box, this is what it says: A minimum 500W system power supply with 12V current rating of 40A is recommended.

However, my PSU has a max voltage of 450W, and only supplies 30A to the 12V rails. Should I still use the Asus, or should I go and buy this card instead:

If I shouldn't get the card I listed above, which of these should I get:
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  1. You will be fine with the Asus on that PSU. I think you might be referring to the 2 card crossfire recommendation.
    The official recommendation for a single HD5770 is 450watt like this XFX but people are running them on good quality 380-400watt units. You have nothing to worry about, install and enjoy!
  2. It didn't mention anything about crossfire, which is what I was looking for as well when I read 40A. I'll try it out though.

    Are there any indications that I should look for after installing the graphics card that my PSU is not strong enough?
  3. If the PSU is not strong enough you will get random reboots. Here is a typical system benchmark and the system with HD5770 running FurMark (stress test) is only using 284 watts.
  4. I have installed the graphics card, but when I start my computer up again, it doesn't recognize any new hardware. Also, when I try to install the drivers manually from the CD, the install process doesn't finish completely. What do you think could be causing the problems. I think it might be because my old Nvidia drivers are not properly deleted.

    When I restart my computer, it also says: Graphics card information not detected.
  5. First step remove nvidia card in device manager(will delete drivers). Second step shut down the system and physically change out cards. Third step start up computer (new gpu running on windows vga driver) now install drivers for the new card.
  6. How do I connect the 6-pin connector to the card? What should this look like?
  7. what do I connect the twin molex connectors to? I know that the 6-pin goes to the card.
  8. If you don't have a 6 pin on your PSU then you will need an adapter but seeing that your PSU is 80+ certified you should have the plug coming from the PSU so no adapter needed.
  9. Yes, I have two black 6-pins coming from the psu. I tried connecting each one, but I was still getting difficulties. One of the connectors has more wires protruding from the back than the other connector, which only has 6 wires. Also, one of the 6-pins branches off the other. Which one do I use.
  10. It should not matter they will deliver the same.
  11. Ok. I'll give it another try.
  12. I tried again, but my computer does not detect the video card.
  13. You followed the steps I described before?
  14. I removed the nvidia graphics card. I put in the 5770. I started up the computer, and waited for windows to detect new hardware, but nothing happens. I also get an error saying that no graphics card information can be found. I then put in the driver cd, try and install the drivers, but the process doesn't go to completion.

    I think I'm going to return the graphics card. Should I just get a GTS 250 instead?
  15. When you say removed card does it mean that you physically removed the card without uninstalling it in device manager?
    It sounds to me that you are getting a display from the new card but you are trying to run it on nvidia drivers.
  16. I tried to uninstall the nvidia drivers, but the control panel still lists "Nvidia Driver" when I go to uninstall programs. After I did this, I physically removed the card and replaced it with the 5770.

    Another thing I realized is that when I started the computer up again, the fan from the 5770 gets louder and louder. After keeping the computer open for about 30 min, I opened up my computer again, and the 5770 was really hot to the touch.

    Do you think my mother board is incompatible.
  17. I'll try that now.
  18. You need to start in device manager (my computer/properties/hardware/device manager) and uninstall the card. (this updates the windows system registry)
    Then you shut down and replace the card.
  19. In device manager, under display adapter it says Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. Do I uninstall that?
  20. Which card do you have in?
  21. the asus 5770. Oh do you want me to put in my nvidia and then go into device manager?
  22. Alright I'll do that.
  23. Yes that would be better
  24. So I put the Nvidia graphics card back in and under Display Adapters, it says Video Controller (VGA Compatible).

    Interestingly, when I put my Nvidia graphics card back in, the computer didn't detect it either. I still get the same error message I told you about.
  25. That is strange! Did you try to install the nvidia drivers again?
  26. Try this program
    After you download and install it boot into safe mode run it and let it delete both nvidia and ATI display drivers. Then reboot with the HD5770 in and try to install drivers from ATI
  27. I'll give this a try.
  28. I downoaded the Driver Sweeper and deleted all the remnants of Nvidia and ATI drivers. But when I try to download the new ATI driver(with the ATI card installed), it doesn't complete. And Device Manager still doesn't recognize the 5770. It only says Standard VGA Graphics Adapter.

    If it looks like a new card for me, which one do you prefer:

  29. Before giving up have you tried updating driver for the card through device manager or through the add new hardware wizard specifying the path to your driver disk that came with the card.
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