Motherboard PSU connector (NEED HELP URGENTLY!)

Hello all,
As I was changing my PSU, i was trying to take out the 24 pin mobo connector, but i realized something. The latch on the connector hits the IDE sslot next to it, and It is almost impossible to pull out, and I don't want to force it and break the mobo.

Any help?
how can i take this freakin connector out?
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  1. bump
    I really need help!
  2. What board do you have? It shouldnt be so close to the IDE connector as to make it physically impossible, but you might need to temporarily remove the IDE cable to get it out easily.
    There is no IDE cable connected, it is the IDE socket!!! Why do they make stuff impossible?
  4. Found a picture of it and that is damn close. Take a knife and see if you can slide it in and use it to release the latch on the connector.
  5. from the bottom or top?
    I also have an X-acto knife, should i use that?
  6. also,
    I noticed that on the top right of the motherboard there is apparently a screw missing, and when i try to pull the connector out, the mobo bounces up and down. I have an extra screw, should I screw it in?
  7. Go in from the bottom, i would use a long kitchen knife or something, the X-acto might not be long enough and might be too sharp.
  8. i tried, and failed...
    im scared of damaging the mobo!
    could it be that the connector has melted?
    should i pull hrder?
  9. First, use a butter knife. Second, screw that board down so it doesn't come up as you pull. Third, using the knife come in from the side and pry the latch away from the connector. Once its away you should be able to just pull the 24pin connector away.

    If the butter knife is to thick, try a dull steak knife. This isn't that hard to do. If you have any smart small children around you can ask him/her and see if their fingers are small enough to do it normally.
  10. allright, I'll try that, see how it goes
    another thing i noticed:
    If i pressed hard enough the latch did come off the connector, the problem is that the commector was hard as a rock, and the latch bumped into the ide socket next to the mobo connector.
  11. Also, how would you regularly take ou the connector? Maybe I'm just not doing it the right way?
  12. el bumpo
  13. Push on only the top part of the connector. Should pull right out.
  14. but about how hard do I have to pull? I tried on a different comouter with a different motherboard and it was rock stiff, but it had the motherboard screwed in properly.
    How easily does it pop out?
  15. It usually is very hard. Try the side by side approach. It's when we pull one side first,then the other side. Make sure the lock is released when you're doing it, assuming the connector has one, which it usually does.

    edit - about the latch, which is the main issue, try an L shaped knife or slim ruler while you're pulling it side to side.
  16. allright, thanks.

    How about the mobo? should I find a screw to replace the missing one?
    It came factory default missing one screw...
    Thanks to all!
  17. This is gonna be a bit risky, but it's worth the try. Separate the mobo from the chassis, then try to release the 24 pin connector with a help of another person holding the mobo. Be gentle though, since you won't have a flat surface like when you're trying with the mobo installed to the chassis. But in return, you'll have plenty of room to manipulate the latch. All this assuming you're 24 pin cable is long enough for an adequate manipulating room
  18. I wouldn't do it that way, much better chance of the board breaking. And I already said to screw that board down. Keeping the board down while you lift is a good thing.
  19. allright, ill test these things out.
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