Trying to change file permissions on a new build with old hard drive

I wasn't sure exactly where this needed to go... At my place of business we had a computer go out. I saved some of the components like the hard drive (which was what was needed most out of the old rig). I then built a new computer from parts ordered on n.e.

I also got an external enclosure for the old hard drive so I could transfer the old files that ere on the desktop of the old computer on the new one. We had several word/xcel documents that are on the old HD that we need on the new one.

When I attempted to transfer the files over I was getting permission errors/write protection errors. I tried to go in and change the permissions for the drive/folders/files I also tried to change "ownership" but still I couldn't get it done.

it states "you need administrator permission to move this file" I grant it administrator permission then I get a box that states: "You need permission to perform this action" "You require permission from the computers administrator to move this file"

Then i click try again and it asks again - stuck in a loop.

Let me know if this question needs to be moved to a different area.

Also let me know if I can provide any additional information

I've tried right clicking and changing permissions etc... i'm not sure if I did it right - still this seems like a simple fix but i've just been having a bit of trouble with it.

Thanks for your help,

Aaron Miles
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  1. I would use a linux live disk to get my data then format it.
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    this usually works with stubborn files

    you can select multiple files or folders at once though not the whole drive

    ie cant right click drive C but can select every folder in drive C then right click

    takes a while to complete if you select a lot of files/folders
  3. yeah i just have a few single files that I need off of our old hard drive's desktop folder... I'll look into Linux live - I haven't heard of that so I'll do a little research. I'll also just try selecting all the files on the desktop and copying them over at once too - see if that solution works.
  4. yeah it wont let me select single or multiple files or folders then copy over - giving me the same issue - asking for the same permissions and getting stuck in the same "try again" loop.

    Also the old hard drive was on a XP system... and the new systems are win 7 if that is of any importance...
  5. heres a live version of linux if the take ownership reg hack didnt work for you
  6. I got the take ownership function to work... THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    Have a great day!
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