New build since other ones giving up on me





Im hoping I can keep the same PSU let me know if you think i need more power

GPU will be the evga gtx480 superclocked i already have and im debating whether or not to buy another cheap nvidia for a dedicated physx

Id like to see what you all suggest for a heatsink. Let me know if there are any incompatibilities with this setup.
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  1. What are you doing with this build? Its way more expensive than it needs to be.

    An i7 930 can be OCed just as high as the 960 and is about half the price.

    You also dont need 12GB of RAM, you wont see a benefit in gaming with more than 4GB but with an X58 board 6GB is the most you should go for unless you are doing lots of work with adobe programs. 2000MHz is also a lot more expensive for only a small gain over 1600MHz, you can save 40 by going with this kit instead.

    The Samsung F3 is one of the fastest 1TB HDDs, faster than the 1TB Caviar Black for less
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