is this PSU enough to power dual gtx 460 in SLI???? considering i have: phenom II x6, 8gb ddr3 1600 ram, 8fans, 1 7200rpm hdd, 1 dvd drive and fan controller.....


if not is this PSU reliable?
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  1. The XFX XXX 650W PSU has 52amps +12v power. The TRX750M has 56amps +12v power.
    I think the XFX 650W is the better option. I haven't yet seen any reviews of the TRX750M that have tested it at full power.

    XFX 650 W XXX Edition Power Supply Review @ Hardware Secrets. Tested in the hotbox to 100% of its rating.
  2. Yes - 460 SLI rigs general reach max draw of around 500-500wats under full load. A name brand 650w should be fine
  3. Corsair 650TX 52amps +12v and has a really good price. $95 plus $10 add'l off and a $20 rebate. It only has 2x PCI-e power adapters. But I'd put up with a couple molex to PCI-e adpaters for that price.
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