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I have a Toshiba L850 satellite that came with Windows 7 Prem on it.
It now has Win XP on it. A lot better system.
Do you no if there is XP Drivers for a Toshiba L850 Satellite.
According to toshiba techs they tell me there are drivers for it on the Toshiba site.
The only Drivers that i can find is for Win 7 or 8, not for XP like they say.
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  1. what are the last 6 digits of the model number?

    the L850-BT2N22 for example has XP drivers listed
  2. Hi here is all the info on my laptop note book, Thanks.

    Model: L850
    Part no: PKSDLA-0C900R
    Ser: 5C384146R
    FCC: ID: PPD-AR5B225
    IC: 4104A-AR5b225
  3. since XP is not supported by Toshiba you will have to find the drivers on the hardware manufacturer websites

    Intel for chipset
    ATI for video
    Realtek for audio and network
  4. Thanks i will give it a go!
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