I built it, but, I can't fix it.


The last time I had this build up and running was about 4 months ago and now it's Dead. Maybe computers do have feelings :sarcastic:

I guess it's one thing to build it, another to repair it or should I say troubleshot a problem. I did a search of my problem for both the VC & CMOS battery and found nothing that helped.

It boots, but nothing but black screen. No Beeps/POST Messages not even a flicker.
All fans are working and the HD LED's light up. I removed the VC cleaned it & inspected it for a burnout, it looks ok to me.

I don't want to buy a new VC so I will start with the cheapest fix first, however, Before I run out and buy the battery which I need anyway since the old one is 6 years old. I thought I would check with you here at TH btw you all helped me build this my 1st build. The #1 Question is can a dead CMOS battery cause no video signal ?

Motherboard...GA-8IPE1000 Pro-G AGP [12/10/04 date of build]
CPU...Socket 478 for Intel® Pentium® 4 processor
Memory...2 Gbs DDR PC3200 400Mhz
VC.......Radeon 9600 XT, PRO 128MB AGP
PSU...Antec NeoPower 480 watt ATX12V v2.0 power supply
Monitor...HYUNDAI L90D 19"
OS...Windows XP PRO 32bit
note; no onboard video.
This was the best post here @ TH:

CMOS Battery (CR2032) was dead, at least my tester showed it just in the red, right below the green, so I thought, "AHA!" and went to get a new battery today. Tested it before installing, it showed a full charge. Did the jumper thing on the motherboard that clears the CMOS cache. Put in new battery - no difference.
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  1. I've had a similar problem with my 5850. After flashing the mobo BIOS for the newest version, a short while later my screen resolution went to crap (600x400) and after trying all sorts of things to fix it with no luck, I decided to reinstall Windows 7 64bit. During the install the screen blacked out so I waited a while hoping for the install to finish. No luck with the screen coming on so I did a hard shut down, and when I turned it on, no POST. Eventually I brought the vid card in to the place I bought it, they plugged it into a test rig and it worked fine. I went home, plugged it back in, and again, nothing. So then I brought the whole PC into the shop... lo and behold, it booted up right away and went to first time set up of Windows. So, apparently simply by completely unplugging it for a little while fixed it. I had also just reset the CMOS with the little jumper on the mobo hoping that fixed it, and it may or may not have helped.

    Anyway, while I had the video card tested I talked with the tech guys and they said that ATI's Hydravision is known to cause problems. I think that was why my resolution got screwed up even tho I didn't turn it on. Hydravision splits your monitor into smaller sections so I think I was viewing one section at full screen. I don't know exactly what caused it to blank out after that, but simply unplugging the PC for a while fixed it. I didn't install Hydravision this time and I've had zero issues. I hope that might help you.

    As to the CMOS battery, I don't know, but I think the only thing that would happen is it would reset your CMOS every reboot or every time you unplug the PC power. So either way it's not a really big deal (or maybe it is... don't really know! Sorry)
  2. The only way I think a CMOS battery would cause those symptoms would be if the motherboard had onboard video. Do you have a PCI card you can throw in it to test with?
  3. Check the 20-pin PSU plug into the motherboard. With no beeps at power on, the board isn't getting power. And if you have one, check the 8-pin power cable to the motherboard, too. Make sure all connection to the mobo are secure.

    I had this happen doing a system upgrade, and didn't have the main power all the way in, and the connector "click" into place, and unable to pull out, without pressing the "tab" on the connector. Does the VC have a additional power requirement (i.e. molex connector)?

    Also check in your RAM is in all the way, "click" and locked in place.

    As for the battery, if the battery was dead, the BIOS wouldn't save your settings, and you have to set them each time you turned on the PC. The time and date in the BIOS will start getting "off" if the battery is going dead. You can see in Windows, too (the time/date is wrong).

    Can your local retailer check your Power Supply. Maybe it it dead. Give that a try if all else fails. But read below...
  4. First, reset the CMOS. Hey that might be it :D. Second take out the video card. See if you get a no-video beep code. If not dissconnect all your drives since a dead drive can interfear with POST. After that try it with just one RAM stick ( I know you have at least 2 since it's DDR 400 and those sticks weren't bigger than 1GB). If no beep code then try the other stick. After that you could try replacing the PSU. It could be your current unit isn't supplying power to the 4-pin CPU connector but trying to power the rest of the board which would give you a power on with no POST. If that's not it, then it's either your CPU or motherboard and at this point it's not really worth the cost of replacing either :D.
  5. Hi,

    Correction my computer is Not dead, the Monitor is not getting Video, it is getting something because it knows it is connected to the computer.
    I unplugged the DVI cable while the computer was ON, the monitor changed from Black to Blue with a "No Signal" message.

    I checked ALL the connections & made sure ALL hardware was seated properly, I reset the CMOS, still no video.

    When I hit power on button everything works:

    MOBO CPU Fan & VC fans both work.
    LED's all light [they are connected to the MOBO]
    All 5 case fans work.
    PSU fan works
    Both DVD ROM & Burner draws move in and out & the read light blinks.
  6. Hi,

    I changed the CMOS battery still no Video. I guess it's the video card.

    I'm thinking of buying a new MOBO with onboard video since this one is AGP. I don't need a second comp just thought it would be nice to have since it's already paid for.

    Will there be any problems for a new MOBO since the CPU is a Intel P4 3.0Ghz single core as long as I get the correct 478 Socket? I found one & only one at newegg so far?

    BIOSTAR 945GC-M4 478 Intel 945GC Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
    Intel Socket 478 upgrade motherboard
  7. AGP video cards ARE still avalible! Might be easier than a new mobo.

    Maybe you can take the "bad" card in to a retailer, and see if they will check it, for free. Or to a friends house....

    Good Luck. ;)
  8. foscooter said:
    AGP video cards ARE still avalible! Might be easier than a new mobo.

    Maybe you can take the "bad" card in to a retailer, and see if they will check it, for free. Or to a friends house....

    Good Luck. ;)

    Hi, :hello:

    Thanks for the help, my brother has a 6 year old comp, hopefully AGP I will test the VC there. A new MOBO would be a waste of money since most of the hardware is over 6 years old.
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