Will these two work together?

A friend of mine is buying the HP Pavilion p6510y tower and wants some room to upgrade. In doing some reading it sounds like the first thing to upgrade is the stock PSU.

I have an older PSU that I am not using (click link):
ENERMAX Noisetaker EG495P-VE

Here is the motherboard in his new HP tower:

Here are the specs of the HP tower:
HP Pavilion p6510y

Will my Enermax PSU be compatible with his new HP tower?
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  1. hello rspaulding;

    Should be no problem using that ENERMAX 485W PSU in that HP tower. It's a standard ATX PSU replacing another standard ATX PSU.
    It has both the 24pin power cable and 4pin aux CPU power cable that your motherboard requires.

    With a 32Amp +12v rating that PSU should be good for a video card in the GTX 460 / HD 5770 class of power requirements
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