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Hello,I have a Dell with a double 4 pin usb plugbase on it to take a card reader...I bought a card reader and it has a 5 pin I need the extra pin??? can I disconnect it and shorten the plug to fit into the shorter plugbase???
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  1. You can try, but it still may not work. Dell uses proprietary connectors and pinouts (determine what pin carries what signal) with many of their systems. You should research your particular Dell model to see if you can verify the USB header's configuration or buy a card reader from Dell that supports your model. can chance it. Your call, but proceed with caution.
  2. Hi COLGeek,
    you are right about the pin layout... I cut down a regular 5 pin connector block to a 4 pin block...the spaces between pins is different to regular was worth a try to connect an internal reader... no big deal...external card readers work just as well...I just do not like to be forced by Dell to buy their gear... cheers
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