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Budget System Evaluation

Last response: in Systems
June 4, 2010 3:01:14 AM

Hello all. I am coming to like this place (TH) more and more.

Anyways, here's what's up. I'm heading out to school soon and so will eventually be getting a computer. This build, however, is totally not what I am going to be getting. Rather, it's more of a test build, as I've never actually put a computer together before. I made the build, then read through the guide and adjusted here and there accordingly.

Oh, also, I think I will probably buy it while I am there (Philadelphia) so that I don't have to take the computer with me. Too much hassle and shipping and what not.

My needs are generally gaming. Obviously this computer will also be used largely for school, but I don't exactly need quality parts for word processing.

Ultimately, my question is, is this a decent build? Am I bottlenecking anywhere? (I think I probably am on my CPU.) As far as the part I understand the least, that would be RAM, so I really have no idea where I'm sitting there. I think it's decent? Well, here's the list. Don't feel rushed or anything, as I am not buying soon, just looking for general build advice.

Uploaded with

Add to that list a HD 4850 X2 2GB. All this is running on a 1080p screen.

Thanks for the advice!
June 4, 2010 4:54:27 AM

Hmm so u have that HD 4850X2 i take it?

Some concerns:

1. $130 for a 790X is daylight robbery - have a look at the $95 Asrock 870Extreme3 with far superior tech and still 8x/8x CFable

2. OCZ RAMs u have to be careful which model/line and these Gold series aren't battle tested enuff for me and have a look at this EA650 + 2 X 2 GSkills 1600 CL7 Combo

3. Hmm IIRC HD 4850X2 is longer than a HD 5870 and while Antec 300 is fine for the latter double check case GPU limitations for housing a HD 4850X2?
June 4, 2010 5:14:00 AM

1. Because I know very little about chipsets, how exactly does the 870 stack up? Seems to be a great MB though, got everything I wanted.

2. If I get a second card in the future, is 650W going to be enough for me? Instinct tells me probably not. (Then again, that probly wouldn't be for a while, and I could just get a new PSU then.)

3. Checking it out, it seems that the 4850 X2 is only 10.5 inches, whilst the 5870 is 11 inches, so it should be fine.
One thing I have just learnt is that the PSU sits at the bottom. Do you think that would be an issue for cable length with the Asrock MB?

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Also, before buying I would normally check around for the best prices and price match and what not. Thanks for the alternate suggestions though, as I totally wouldn't know what other motherboards to look at, and so on.
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June 4, 2010 5:42:19 AM

1. Same 8x/8x crossfire capability with SB 850 (better I/O performance, native SATA 6GB/s support , etc)

2. Am suggesting (for budgeted rigs) sticking to the best single GPU solution

3. HD 4850X2 is even longer than HD 4870X2
The card is the longest video card we ever had in our labs. With a total length of 28.5 cm it is even longer than the HD 4870 X2 (left) and the GeForce GTX 280 (right).
June 4, 2010 6:49:07 AM

As far as the card size goes, it should only be .5cm longer than the 5870, so it should fit just fine into the case.

After a full build, my computer (minus GPU) is about $520USD. That's not bad.