Athlon x2 5600+ vs core i processors? i need help comparing

I couldnt find a direct benchmark for my old processor and the potential one im going to buy...

I currently have an AMD Athlon 5600+ brisbane, clocked 2.9.
Im getting a laptop and i was wondering how it compares to the core i processors?
Is it roughly equal to the i3 350m?, the i5, 430m, the i5 540m? or am i completely off?

I know im a n00b when it comes to benchmarks.
If i put this in the wrong section, please move it to where it should be.

Thanks, Hillel
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  1. I never worry about benchmarks overall myself. I worry about the performance for the tasks I need to do. What is the main use for this laptop? Gaming? Everyday uses?
  2. Although not a direct comparison between the processors you interested in, you can see here that the I3 is superior to the old Athlon X2 processors.
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