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Ok so a little background, I bought the complete rig maybe a year ago and about a month ago the powersupply shorted my gtx 260 and my x38 evga motherboard. I just now replaced these pieces of hardware, brand new EVGA x38 and Gefore GTX260. I booted up my pc went in BIOS and said start ignore errors. It started up fine and everything was good. The temp display on my old Mobo never really went over 45, right now im looking at it and its at 60. It's been up to 85. Here are my current temperatures.


CPU: 60c
VREG: 52c

Digital display on Motherboard: 63c

Each core for my I7 is running at 75+c

Geforce gtc 260: 43c

Anyone have any ideas why its running so hot? Thanks in advance
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  1. Did you use new thermal grease when you moved your CPU and heatsink over to the new board? If not that is the source of your higher temperatures.
  2. Yeah I made a dot about the size of a pea and just kind of slapped it on there. Do i have to cover the whole processor?
  3. Just had that problem earlier with my CPU, one of the screws on my heatsink weren't fully screwed down so i guess the heatsink wasn't getting a secure connection to the CPU. Make sure everything is nice and secure. A pea size dot of thermal compound should be enough. If all else fails you may need a new heatsink.
    If you're using the heatsink that came with the CPU then i'd swap it immiediately. I always hear how useless it is.
  4. You have good airflow in your casE? Sounds like a stupid question, but it happened with my previous comp. when I didn't have a good amount of airflow.
  5. I will try to re do the heat sync later today, the screws on it are really difficult though. I can never tell if its on or not but it was pretty tight last time. The rig has good airflow, all fans were running at peak efficiency.
  6. I would just check all the obvious:

    -Take off HSF and redo lube, even if you're sure you did it 100% before.
    -Clear wires out of the way (cable management) if you can.
    -Clean out dust ofcourse
    -Do you need to put new fans?
    -And definately make sure HSf is sitting properly.

    edit: And to be honest I never do that pea dot of heat transfer compound in the middle. I do a thin layer all over then some on the surface of the HSF base, with some remove (to fill the micro-cracks). I know potato, potatoe....
  7. Don't focus on having lots of airflow in. The key to case fans is for continuous airflow, many people try to just bring in cool air. The hardware is designed to be kept cool by it's own fans. So make sure you only focus on having a continuous cycle throughout the case.
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