How to Reset Local Security Policy Settings to Default in Windows XP from Safe M

Ok. My permissions got goofed up and am kinda locked out of all my Accounts including Administrator. I can get to Safe mode, but not the GUI. only the command line. Is there a way to reset these setting to default so I can get back on my accounts. I know it was the permissions cause I was messing with them just before all the problems. I goto log in to my account (any of them) and as soon as I hit the "OK" button to log in it boots me back to the Lon in screen.

Any help besides formatting and replacing the OS software would be better, because I have several files and programs I don't want to loose.

Iam KraZ
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  1. *UPDATE*

    Tried the secedit command and the icacls commands in repair mode with a friend's XP CD. These only gave "Unsupported command" message.

    tried copying the userinit.exe to wsaupdater.exe aproach, but same problem.

    Any way to get to my accounts without using the GUI?
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