5870 temp monitoring?

Hey guys, I just installed a new Sapphire 5870 vapor-x, upgraded to to 10.3 ccc drivers and etc. Only problem is, I can't seem to find any programs to monitor temps, fan speed, fps, and etc? I've used Rivatuner in the past, but the 2.24 drivers dont seem to be up to date and wont monitor anything?

CCC does have some fan speed and temp monitor built into the ATI Overdrive feature, but it's a pain to have to open CCC everytime I wanna check temps. And the Fan Speed meter doesnt even fluctuate with the manual fan speed settings, yet it does allow me to adjust speeds. I'm idle at about 30, and under load with most games maxed at 50.
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  1. Hard ware monitor is the most commonly used program.
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