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Hey gang,

I was just looking for a little feedback about my cable management setup. Coolermaster HAF 932.

Behind the mobo.

Front of mobo.

Front, with flash

I'm not sure what else to do with this fan cable. Any ideas? It goes to the rear exhaust fan.

Cable in question.

The front USB connectors are routed fine, but I'm not sure if I can squeeze them behind the PSU without putting excessive force on them. Any advice?

Front USB connections.

Thanks in advance.
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    You have done a fine job.

    Unless you have another fan connector closer to the edge of the board, there is nothing you can do with the fan cable, well, you could sleeve it, but that would only improve the appearance. I wouldn't force the FP USB cables.

    I'll bet more than a few will use your pics as a guide to improve their own cable management.
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  3. Thanks. Sleeving is something I will look into later when I've got the time for it. As well as breaking the case down and painting it black.

    I'd also like to figure out how to post the images in the message, I was unable to get that to work, but my brain is a bit of a mess from hours of work.
  4. That looks really good! I am OCD with cable management but with my psu and case and motherboard it's a pain to work with. I was curious where can I get some sleeves because I have those same cables sticking out as you do. They aren't bad but I would like to sleeve them.

    I really like that haf 932 case. I plan to get one of those, the full tower version if that isn't. I like what you did behind the motherboard tray. I have mine set up a lot like that, it's not as neat because the cables don't have enough slack to bunch up and wrap them together.

    Anyone know of anywhere I can get things that will make cable management easier and better looking? Like those sleeves and anything that will hold thick heavy cables back and mount it to the surface. I don't like using tape.
  5. I used thick velcro "zipties" for the heavy cables, and then regular small zipties and twist ties for everything else.
  6. I haven't done the sleeving either. The kits are expensive and I've found that blue painter's tape, applied carefully keeps the wires together. And you can easily remove it later without any "sticky" residue.

    If you are going to use UV cold cathodes, Home Depot and Lowes have UV active nylon cable ties in neon colors in the electrical section. I think the small-tie assortment (50?) is about $4, the larger-size assortment (100) is about $7. The neon spray paints are UV active, too.

    I modded my CM690 with paint and new/enlarged holes for fans and for the cable management. I disassembled my case, well everything but the rivets cause I didn't feel like going rivet or screw shopping. When you paint be sure to wipe the surfaces to be painted really well with denatured alcohol (hardware store again). Then prime the metal with one or two coats of primer, then two thin coats of your color(s) spay paint, then one of clear-coat. Suggest you google "pc case mods" for more ideas and "how to's."
  7. I'm liking the work so far dude nice job :)

    You look like you have a fair bit of play in the front connector cables, from the plug on the mobo, see if you can double them back on themselves and tuck behind psu, just dont bend them too severely obv.
    The fan one, I'd wrap in Black tape, and tuck the lead down the side of the gfx card, between the pci covers and the start of the gfx cards slot,
    just my humble,
  8. Thanks. It's still a work in progress and currently I'm considering switching mobos as I've realized that I've got some bent pins on mine. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to be doing just yet. Will post more pictures when I've got them.
  9. Cool, look forward to seeing them man,
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