Building a 1000$ gaming computer

Hi everyone. Just hoping for some input on a new gaming computer. Haven't built a new computer in a few years so was wondering if i could get some input.

My budget is 1000 and i need something that will upgrade easy in the future for minimal cost. Also crossfire is preferable.
This is what i have so far.

Subtotal: 993$

I would like to hear what you guys. Thanks
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    -That's a slower HD, most prople recommend something like a Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB drive since it only has one platter and operates at a much higher performance.

    -If you want a fancy motherboard (I'm assuming you are since you listed a 790FX in your theoretical build, and because you want crossfire) - then I recommend going with their newer 890FX boards that came out recently such as the ASRock 890FX:
    [If you don't like ASRock, there are other brands that have 890FX boards as well].

    -If you don't want crossfire, and want a cheaper motherboard, then look at the AMD 770 boards:

    -If you insist on CrossFire, get two 4850 1GB cards in crossfire for $220. This CF setup generally performs at or above a 5850. Those 890 mobos will be great for CF as well. Otherwise the build looks good.
    [You could also get 2 4870's for $300, or 2 4890's for $400].
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