Dell XPS 7100 or Dell XPS 8100?

Looking to purchase a new desktop for gaming and 3D rendering, flash content and after effects. Out of Dell XPS 7100 or Dell XPS 8100 which one is a better buy. Dell XPS 8100 has a GTX 260 which doesnt supports DX11 while Dell XPS 7100 has ATI Raedon 5870 which supports DX11.

Your comments. Thanks!
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  1. personally i wouldn't buy a dell computer but the 5870 is multiple times better than the gtx 260 so that could give you some insight
  2. Yes, instead of buying prebuilt systems, you could build a much better system yourself for the same price; or build the same system (as the preconfigured) for a lesser price.
    Anyway, amongst the two, the Dell XPS 7100 would be better
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