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Alright here's the deal I've been on Newegg for hours today putting together a rig I can use for anything be it working on 3D Rendering, playing the latest games, or any kind of media for that matter. Of course I'm putting it on hold until I get some money to pay for it and I will definitely come into some money in late August or early September. I've been thinking it over for some time and I'm thinking about get a SSD for my system drive, you know put stuff on there like the OS and other utilities I find that are important. But the thing is I've been reading a lot of stuff about high failure rates with SSDs and yes I'm aware that they date about 2 or 3 years ago, but I'm still not certain if it's the right time to invest in something that could be a waste of money.Because honestly I don't really know how much SSD has matured over the years.....So tell me is it worth it?
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  1. does it usually take this long to get a reply?
  2. yes it worth it. ssd can last a long time if you take good care of it.
  3. Okay can you recommend any SSD that would last me a long time, because I'm up to buying one but I'm not sure which to go for. I want a drive that I can hold my OS but I also want a drive that's going to last me a really really long time.
  4. Intel SSD are known for their stability and 5 year warranty.
  5. Which applications are you using for 3D Rendering?

    The typical setup is to install the OS, software applications, and utilities on a solid state drive and use a mechanical drive to store data.

    For quite some time the 120 GB and 128 GB ssd's were considered to be the sweet spot. The 60 GB or 64 GB were only recommended for a tight budget. With price reductions this year that has changed a bit. The consensus seems to be purchase the largest capacity drive you can afford at the lowest price. We've seen some sale prices as low as $0.50 per GB.
  6. I'm basically using Maya and Photoshop....And do you know any places I could get that kind of sale? I mean come on $0.50 a GB is like wow!! :o
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    Tom's Hardware usually has a link to daily deals over at LogicBuy which is a service that checks for lowest prices on the net. The link is located in the News Section on the left hand side of the home page. LogicBuy has a web page just for drives:

    The prices, brands, and models change daily. If you have a particular brand and model you are interested in you have to be patient and check twice a day. A couple of months ago I waited two weeks to get a Samsung 830 SATA 3 6Gb/s 256GB ssd for $209.00 and free shipping. recently I saw it for $199.00. The Crucial m4 SATA 3 6Gb/s 256GB ssd went for $159.00 and free shipping. It sold out fast. I've also seen 120GB ssd's drop down to $59.00. You never know what might become available.
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