Intel D815EEA2U and Pentium III 1133MHz (1.13GHz)

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I'm building an old computer and deciding on a motherboard. I'm pretty much set on the one above, however, visiting the Intel docs gives me conflicting results on the compatibility of the processor in question.

First of all this is the processor I ordered: (Tualatin)

And here are the docs I'm referring to;

BIOS revision:

States the following under version 12: "Removed 1133Mhz Pentium® III setup option from BIOS Setup menu." and "Added logic to block 1133Mhz Pentium® III processors."

BUT, on the motherboard manual (can be found here:, it states 1.13GHz IS supported (on certain revisions of the mobo) after BIOS update 04.

Now my first question is, why the hell would they remove/block this one random processor? Not only that, in the above manual link, it states that 1.2GHz P3 support was added as of BIOS 12.. which makes no sense because there's no mention of new CPU support in BIOS 12 release notes, only that they removed support for 1133MHz. Why remove 1133MHz and add 1200MHz instead?

Second... how can I tell if it'll actually be blocked? I only have and ordered this one P3. What will happen if it does get blocked? Will I at least be able to boot into DOS and re-flash to a lower BIOS... or what..

What's confusing aside from these two conflicting reports, is that every once in a while a BIOS revision adds "Added new Processor BIOS Update for Pentium(R) III Family." which doesn't explain much, but it could be they restored compatibility.

Sigh. I've done all the research I could online in regards to this.

Basically, anyone know from experience if D815EEA2U with latest (21) BIOS update works with this processor?
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    The Processor was blocked due to that model being unstable and, I think, recalled! Tom's was the site that found this problem, and the whole incident was more than a little embarrassing for Intel.

    It's quite funny you are asking about this chip on Tom's - even the wikipedia article for Tom's references this debacle.

    Did you ever get it to work?

    If not, send the chip to Tom himself to put on his wall ;)

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