Nvidia's Die's?

Sorry if this has come up already regarding the Geforce 470 / 480, but everyone is talking about Die sizes and shrinking. To be totally honest i dont know what it all means. They say that the smaller the better, why is that? Also if Nvidia did get thier Die shrunk could we see a remake of the current cards, maybe a 475 or a 485?
I for one really hope so, i was totally looking forward to the launch and was surely shut down.
Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance :)
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  1. The die size refers to the size (in mm^2) of the entire GPU occupied in a wafer. Having a small die allows for more GPU dies to be harvested from a wafer (in turn, more revenue, less prices,etc).

    The size (ie 65nm,etc) reffers to the size of transistors.
  2. Thank you very much :)

    So if people say that it the die is crippling the card, why dont they go smaller? and have an ATi crushing performer if its going to cost less?

    im getting and ice cream now... all this talk about wafers <3 :D
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