What's the best PCI 16 1.0 GPU?

I was going to look and upgrade my eVGA 8800 GTS 320Mb with maybe Geforce 260 GTX 896 Mb but they are (seems to me) all PCI 16 2.0 - my motherboard (I think) is only PCI 16 1.0 (Gygabyte GA965P-S3 (Rev 1.0)...

What's the best PCI 16 1.0 card I could by and is it worth upgrading from 8800 GTS 320Mb?

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    The newer PCIe x16 std 2.0 and 2.1 are backwards compatible with the old 1.x std.
  2. Oh cool thanks, so 260 GTX will work with my 1.0 PCIe Motherboard?!

    Is that the way to go to upgrade my 8800 GTS? Looking for bang for the buck... Go with eVGA or BFG?

    BTW, I have 485W Enermax PSU, will that be enought juice? Just bought Q6600 instead of my E4300, have 8GB RAM, SSD and SATA HDs...

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  4. For performance/$ the ATI HD5770 is the best buy in the same performance range.
  5. PassMark scored HD5770 at 1,500 range and GeFoce 260 at 1,700 range...? Than it scores HD4870 higher than HD5770 - so what gives? What about their power consumtption? If I power my 8800 GTS (end even OC to 600/900 from 513/790 stock) fine with my Enermax 485W PSU, will it run these?

  6. Your PSU is fine for the HD5770 but on the low end for the GTX260 (but probably will work fine). Here is a link to multiple benchmarks where both cards are present.
  7. Thanks, yeah they look close in performance and little cheaper... They are PCIE 16 2.1? That would be compatible with my mobo that is PCIE 16 1.0, right?

  8. Yes, they backwards compatible
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