I have something weird on my new computer:
I can’t have the full screen mode on my screen. I have a black border on each side of the screen!!!
I’m using the onboard video card of my motherboard (GA 880GM UD2H) and my screen is a 23”
I have no issue with my other system (Intel C2D + 9600GT) where I have full screen
What should I look for?
Is it coming from the integrated graphic card?

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  1. Maybe try a different refresh rate?
  2. Do you have the latest chipset drivers installed? You can go into the Catalyst Control Center and change the overscan settings to get rid of the black border.
  3. I think I already tried to find that overscan function, but I can't find it...!!!
    Could you tell me where it is exactly?
  4. I'm at work, so I don't have access to Catalyst Control Center right now. Look around, it's in there.
  5. I can't find it....!!!!!
  6. Well, i found it
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